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Happiness Compass©

Happiness Compass©

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Happiness Compass Workshop

The Happiness Compass© workshop fusions experiences in self-awareness, self-exploration, and guided visualization to help you achieve clarity about your desires. Then you’ll create a vision board that anchors you to those desires.  You will be journeying to the depths of your Soul to listen to the messages it has for you.

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Happiness Compass Workshop + Live Sessions

This bundle includes the Happiness Compass© online workshop, three live group sessions (workshop guidance, Q/A, group shares) and includes session support group, and the Happiness Compass© year round support group.   

The live group session runs several times a year, each session is held over two weeks.  2021 Schedule:  4/5,  6/7,  8/9, 10/4, 12/6

You receive immediate access to the online workshop materials and will be enrolled in the next live group starting date.  We’ll kick off our journey together reviewing the program Quests and answering questions, we’ll meet again just before Quest IV, and then after you’ve completed Quest VI.   

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