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Heart’s Burning Desire Manifestation Bracelets keep you in the positive energy required to attain your desires. Anchoring you to your passion as a vision board does. Write your intention on the scroll and insert it in the capsule. Each semi-precious stone holds multiple life-enhancing properties. When selecting your bracelet, please scroll down to see the list of properties in the Manifestation Bracelets Collection, and choose one that energetically supports you in your endeavors. The Limited Edition bracelet changes often and is shared with our list as soon as they’re available. Please sign up here to join and receive our free mini-course, 60 Second Happiness Habits. The Limited Edition manifestation bracelets are displayed on Instagram under happilyfulfilled. Happy Manifesting!!

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Materials and size: Currently, we stock 16 semi-precious stone varieties in our Heart’s Burning Desire Bracelet Collection (scroll down to see more images of each option). The bracelets are made from 8mm semi-precious stone beads in a durable stretchy elastic in a 7 1/4″-7 1/2″ size.  The children’s size is 6.5″ size. Custom sizes, including an anklet, can be custom ordered by emailing us at for more information and prices.

Capsule options: All capsules are high quality and are beautifully etched with the Hearts Burning Desire image. We have 2 options available (You can choose your preferred capsule option in the product selection above)

  1. Gold 18K PVD
  2. Polished Stainless steel

Shipping: Shipping within the USA is $5.95 USPS first class per bracelet to the 48 contiguous states. Please email us for a quote for shipping to Hawaii, Alaska, or internationally.

What are YOUR Heart’s Burning Desires? 

We all have dreams, desires, or goals that we want to achieve. Whether you’re 5 or 105, you have desires! If you’re in elementary school, are a recent high school or college graduate, are newly married, single, recently employed, or retired…you have dreams that you want to attain. Or maybe you find it challenging sticking to a new habit or want to change an undesirable behavior, or want to maintain a positive mindset every day. Maybe you’re dreaming of an exotic vacation, a new job, relocating or buying a new house, finding your soulmate, healing your body, or starting a family or new business. The sky is the limit, and YOU can BE, DO, or HAVE anything your heart desires! Our beautiful Heart’s Burning Desire bracelets keep you in the positive energy required for attaining your desires. They anchor you to your desire just like a vision board does.


Each bracelet includes a paper scroll, although any small piece of paper will do. On that paper, you’ll write down an affirmation, wish, or goal you would like to accomplish. Then you’ll roll it up and insert it into the bracelets capsule repeating your affirmation aloud as you insert it. Many times we don’t believe that we will achieve something or doubt ourselves along the way; hence self-sabotage may win. Heart’s Burning Desire’s bracelets help you to stay focused and determined.

By repeating the affirmation on the scroll several times each day, we keep ourselves in the energy of what it is we desire. Through repetition of the affirmation, we embody this new belief. Our brains can’t tell the difference between reality and our thoughts. When we embody the belief, we begin to manifest the life we want and take the steps that create our desire. So, when you put your bracelet on each morning, repeat the affirmation. Throughout the day, when you glance at your bracelet, repeat your affirmation. Then again, when you remove it in the evening. Each time you repeat your affirmation, close your eyes for a moment, envision yourself having attained your desire, and feel the satisfaction this accomplishment imparts.   

This is how Heart’s Burning Desire bracelets anchor you to your desires! In addition, each semi-precious stone holds multiple life-enhancing properties. Please see the list when selecting your bracelet so you can choose one that energetically supports you in your endeavors.  

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2022 Heart's Burning Desire Collection

Please note: Due to the uniqueness and beauty of each semi-precious stone, camera lightning, and computer display, your bracelet may not look 100% the same color as the bracelet in the photo. They will, however, have individual beauty and immense potential to help you stay in the energy of manifesting your desires. 

Limited Edition Bracelet: A Mother's Love

“A Mother’s Love” Limited Edition Heart’s Burning Desire Bracelet

Is your daughter heading off to college or venturing out into the world?  When she leaves home, it can be both exhilarating and anxiety-producing at the same time.

Let “A Mother’s Love” bracelet remind your daughter that she is never alone and is loved & cherished. The three amethyst beads in the center stand for: “I LOVE YOU.” (Check out our children’s multi-colored crystal version too!) All it takes is one glance to anchor into mom’s love and comfort.

Each bracelet includes a scroll on which you can write your special message, or your daughter can write her goals, desires, or an affirmation, then insert it into the bracelet’s capsule. It’ll remind her of your love and keep her connected to her dreams and desires every time she glances at it. Available in 18K Gold PVD only.

  • Rose Quartz – pure love, kindness, self-love, joy
  • Amethyst – protection, calm, peace, healing

African Turquoise

Wisdom, Clarity, Intuition, Communication, Confidence 

Black Agate matte /polished

Protection, Transforms Negativity, Grounding, Balance

Black Tiger Eye

Vitality, Desire, Discipline, Manifestation, Courage, Confidence, 

Blue Tiger eye

Communication, Clarity, Empowerment, Desire, Willpower, Grounding, Discipline

Brown Tiger Eye

Protective, Luck, Centering, Desire, Discipline, Abundance, Creation


Calming, Tranquility, Unconditional Love, Patience, Intuition

Gold Obsidian

Purifies, Clears Blockages and Trauma, Intuition, Scrying

Green Tiger Eye

Luck, Focus, Discipline, Clarity, Desire, Dispels fear and Anxiety, Protective


Memory, Protective, Grounding, Confidence, Willpower

Lapis Lazuli

Immunity, Purifies, Soothing, Wisdom, Communication

Phoenix Lapis

Deep Peace, Protective, Compassion, Wisdom, Courage


Shields from negativity, Memory, Prosperity, Success, Balances

Red Jasper

Wholeness, Passion, Anxiety, Clarity, Balancing, Grounding

Red Tiger Eye

Desire, Luck, Clarity, Focus, Grounding, Manifestation, Discipline, Courage


Intuition, Insight, Truth, Confidence, Mental Clarity, Communication

Unakite Jasper

Balances Emotions, Inner Calm, Heart Opening, Grounding

Children's Multi-color Crystal Beads

Harmony, Confidence, Creativity, Compassion, Endurance 

Some ways you can use your bracelets:

Tips for caring for your Heart’s Burning Desire bracelet:  Instead of stretching your bracelet over your hand simply roll it onto your wrist. Use a soft polishing cloth dampened with water to clean the capsule and beads. Keep in mind that cleaning chemicals, shampoos, and lotions can degrade elastic over time. Please note that if you wear your bracelet while showering or swimming that your scroll will get wet. To minimize damage, wear your bracelet on your nondominant hand. We use the highest quality stretch bead cord, but it’s elastic and can break if your bracelet is caught on something. Check that the capsule is secure each day before you put your bracelet on.