How to revitalize the body, mind, and soul: what to add and subtract from your life to spring forth a better you!

When it comes to our body, mind, and soul, we often forget that they need just as much love and attention as everything else in our lives. Here are some tips on how to revitalize all three!
Mind Body and Soul
Are you ready to revitalize body mind and soul

Spring has sprung! Are you one of those who love spring? Perhaps you have spring cleaned your office and house and restored your beautiful garden. But have you taken the time to revitalize yourself? Occasionally, we need to be reinvigorated. A thorough revitalization of the body mind and soul, can help us achieve our deepest desires. We can revitalize by simply adding and subtracting elements in our lives!

The Mind 

Let’s begin with the organ where our beliefs reside. Our belief, especially in ourselves, plays a crucial role in our self-realization. Imagine going on a plane and not believing in the pilot’s ability! It’s time to dust off (spring clean) the cobwebs of old beliefs and give them a fresh perspective.

The first step to revitalizing the mind is to add clarity to it. At this point, you need to check in with yourself and reassess where you are in life. Is it a beautiful view from where you are in life right now? Or do you seem lost? You have to assess if you’re in a place that gets you closer to your desires.

Just as a result of knowing where you are, mental clarity also comes from knowing where you want to be. Both awareness’s help you create the map from Destination A to Destination B.

But of course, the revitalization of the mind can never be complete without identifying the healthy and unhealthy beliefs one has. Separate the beliefs that keep you inspired and productive from beliefs that derail or prevent you from attaining these goals.

If it helps, the beliefs that hinder you from attaining your goals are those that give you bad habits, take away your confidence, instill fear, or make you procrastinate. These negative beliefs can be about oneself and others.

As you read this, start to think of how you can subtract and change these self-sabotaging beliefs in your life. Many people create New Year’s resolutions but don’t follow through. Spring is a great time to begin anew.

Happiness Compass is a workshop that can help you listen to your mind, change your beliefs and habits, and find mental clarity to believe in yourself. It consists of six transformative quests that detail how you can manifest the life of your dreams.

The Body

Perhaps it is during springtime that the dormant plants sprout again to remind us that our body needs renewal too. Maybe the animals come out of hibernation to remind us that our body needs rest. Perhaps spring is more than a season; it is a verb calling us to rise. To revitalize the body, one must subtract toxins, add nutrients, and exercise.

A good ol’ detox eliminates wastes and toxins developed from consuming unhealthy foods or unhealthy consumption of foods. You must limit your body’s exposure to toxins. Do away with sugars, carbs, processed foods, and alcohol. Eat food that helps your system detoxify, such as cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, kale, cabbages, radishes, etc.).

In addition, drink more water and detox juices. Water is a natural detoxifier. It helps our systems transport the wastes and toxins out of our bodies. Try adding lemon juice to your water to feel refreshed. Lemon greatly consists of vitamin C, an antioxidant. Try other nutritious juices such as apple, pineapple, orange juice, etc.

Adding more nutrients to your body is of paramount importance. We can only achieve nourishment through a healthy diet. Here are a few tips for a nutritious diet:

Choose whole-grain foods. When you make your grocery list, make sure you put whole-grain foods in it. Eating whole-grain foods is better than refined ones as they contain dietary fiber, which helps lower the risk of stroke, obesity, and heart disease. Dietary fiber also helps improve the blood’s cholesterol levels. Typical examples are oats, brown and wild rice, and quinoa.

Eat protein foods. To repair and grow cells and tissues, we need protein—sources of protein range from animal products and plants. Animal products (lean meats, poultry, fish, dairy products) contain essential amino acids, while plant proteins (nuts, seeds, legumes, beans) lack at least one.

Eat lots of vegetables and fruits. There are no less than nine families of fruits and vegetables! Incorporate a range of fruits and vegetables in your diet to give the body the various nutrients needed to function well and avoid disease.

Know the nutrients your body needs. The body can’t provide everything for itself! It needs six essential nutrients—vitamins & minerals (micronutrients), water, carbohydrates, fat, and protein (macronutrients). These are required for the body to get energy, build its structure, and regulate its chemical processes. So I hope the next time you go to the grocery, check the nutritional value of the products before you buy them.

Don’t forget to keep the body active. Physical inactivity has adverse effects on the body while being active helps you maintain your weight and prevent non-communicable diseases like stroke and several cancers. Walking, sports, and going to the gym are common ways to keep the body active. Did you know that walking as short as two hours a week could reduce health risks and help you live longer? Imagine the relief our body feels when we keep it moving.

The Soul

One month into spring, I am sure you have enjoyed meeting the sun. Just like the skin, our soul also needs contact with the light. Spring is the season of checking in and connecting with your desires.

Have you listened to the desires of your soul lately? The unconscious mind likes to keep parts of who we are, but the soul never loses sight of who we are deep inside, including what we want. Follow the path of connecting with your soul by getting to know yourself deeper. To know oneself is to discover one’s true power. You can use this power to turn your life around and achieve the life that your soul designed for you.

The soul is deep, and to reach it, you need to invest time in the careful investigation, introspection, and meditation to know and realize its desires.

Perhaps, you have been ignoring your soul or not fully listening to its guidance. Either way, you are affecting how you act, think, and feel because the soul is what brings us to life.

With a phone, iPad, or computer, the Happiness Compass© Workshop can guide your journey to the depths of your soul. It’s all about self-awareness and exploration, guided visualization, and creativity needed for you to unlock the secrets and desires of your soul and manifest them into reality.

The Spring of a Better You

I hope that as you revitalize your surroundings, you remember that your-self needs revitalization too so the body mind and soul can work with one another to achieve the life that you want.

So next time you think about spring cleaning, maybe take time, and appreciate the beauty of your body mind and soul. You can honor them by revitalizing them in your way through introspection. The mind, body, and soul, just like our homes, offices, and gardens, need to be taken care of too. They must be given a chance to rest and heal, grow, and improve, and be appreciated and connected.

body mind and soul

About Karen Quiros:

Karen is a lifelong New Yorker living on the beautiful east end of Long Island. For over 21 years, she has been inspiring wellness seekers in her practice Balanced Wellness Consulting. Where she intuitively guides and supports clients desiring to heal themselves naturally. Karen cured herself of endometriosis & systemic lupus, and utilizes her experience and training in nursing, natural health, nutrition, positive psychology, quantum biofeedback, mindfulness, and yoga to guide her clients. 

Karen spends her time between Long Island and Costa Rica, where she facilitates workshops and soul-nourishing retreats using her signature program, the Happiness Compass©. She cured herself of systemic lupus over 25 years ago and is passionate about spreading the message that lasting healing begins with self-reliance. She created the Happiness Compass©, an accessible online self-paced version of her coaching work, to fulfill her desire to reach more seekers to give them hope that they too can heal themselves. Karen knows that illness stems from a disintegration of the mind, body, and Soul. She believes that by going within and trusting the wisdom of the Soul, we awaken to healing and a life of wholeness and deep fulfillment. 

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