create a life that

Lights You up!

(…one you LOVE waking up to each day, a life that’s soul-driven, purposeful, passionate, and fulfills your hearts desires.)

Discover exactly how to curate a life you love with an easy-to-implement plan to start living the life of your dreams…in as little as 2 weeks!

Are You working hard, but still not living the life you desire?

From the outside, it looks like you’re enjoying life.

But on the inside, the reality is different. You may be overwhelmed…
…and exhausted.

You’re running in a million different directions from one thing to the next, with little (if any) time to truly connect with those you love or yourself. The never-ending to-do lists, household chores, and scheduling demands have left you feeling like you’re running a command center, devoid of the fun, joy, and meaning you envisioned for your life when you were younger. 

There’s a sense of unfulfillment that’s become impossible to ignore. 

You don’t feel like your happy self anymore (although you deserve an Emmy for how well- and often – you act like everything’s just fine). 

You’ve tried to change it – to figure out what’s missing – or to somehow reclaim or reconnect with the more vibrant, joyful person you used to be, but the self-help books, therapy sessions, and yoga classes you’ve taken haven’t done the trick. 

Despite your best attempts to push it down, distract yourself from it, or power through it altogether, that nagging feeling remains – the one that whispers to you that your life could be richer, deeper, and more connected. 

That you could experience excitement, pleasure, joy, and fulfillment like you used to (or maybe for the very first time). 

Without a plan to create that life, you keep trudging through your days, feeling dissatisfied.

YOU are NOT Alone!

The truth is that the world we live in makes it hard to hold onto our sense of fulfillment, joy, and happiness. 

We end up spending so much time building our lives AROUND us – getting the job, growing the career, finding a partner, building a family, raising the kids (then tending to the constant onslaught of responsibilities and demands that come with daily life)…

…that there’s so little time left to connect within. 

When you make the time and space to tune into your inner wisdom, you'll find that all the answers you need are there.

And it doesn’t matter how overwhelmed you feel or if you think you’re too enmeshed in your current life to ever create the one you truly want. 

No matter who you are or how disappointed you may feel right now, the path to a more meaningful and fulfilling life is within you. 

Inside of you is where the source of your true happiness, joy, excitement, and meaning lives.

The source is your inner wisdom – that still, small voice that keeps whispering that life could be richer, deeper, and more connected. 

Your inner wisdom knows your most important values, your deepest passions, and what really lights you up. 

And it also knows the path you need to take to reclaim yourself, to connect with your true joy and meaning, and to design a life you love. 

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Not only is it possible to find your personal path to a more meaningful life, it's 100% DOABLE!

With the right guidance and step-by-step process, you’ll have the exact compass you need to lead you to the trailhead of a more fulfilling, joyful life. 

It’s a compass that’s perfectly calibrated for YOUR more joyful life.  Following it can lead to some powerful results including:

A renewed Zest for Life

A deeper connection with yourself and others

A deep sense of peace, alignment, balance, and FREEDOM

More control over your diet and health

More space for the things you truly value

experiencing more excitement, joy, pleasure, and FUN

clarity about how to spend your time and what decisions to make for your future

I know it may seem impossible to imagine life getting this good, but it absolutely CAN! – and it can happen very quickly. 

And I KNOW that it can because I’ve done it myself, as well as shown hundreds of men and women just like you how to do the same. 

A better life is waiting, and it’s waiting on YOU!

How I went from overwhelmed and unfulfilled to falling in love with life.

I know what it feels like when life is sailing off course.

That was me 27 years ago, when after an extremely challenging and years-long journey to become a mother, I was finally able to have children.

Motherhood brought much joy, fulfillment, and busyness and on the outside, everything looked great. 

I was blessed with two children, a beautiful home, and a loving and supportive husband. I spent my days working from home, homeschooled my boys, and studied my passions – spirituality, nutrition, and natural medicine. 

Yet I felt impalpable discontent. I kept it to myself and felt guilt for my feelings since I had everything I ever thought I wanted!

One thing I knew for certain was that I was here to help others heal, so I kept expanding my knowledge. 

Over the course of 25 years, I complied an impressive resume: 

I became a Licensed Nurse, obtained a BS in Natural Health, and became certified in nutrition and health coaching, herbalism, gemmotherapy, reiki, quantum biofeedback, sound healing, SoulCollage, meditation, yoga, and Chakradance. I started a wellness practice, offered workshops and retreats, and studied shamanism and plant medicine! 

Yet despite loving all of it, I STILL felt off course. My knowledge base had grown, but instead of fulfilling my calling, it distanced me from it! I was too busy, tired, irritable and unhappy. The busier I was, the faster I drifted off course distancing myself from fulfilling my life’s purpose.

Then divine guidance said “STOP.  Go within, listen, and teach from there.” When I tapped into the wisdom of my soul everything changed. 

My soul’s purpose is to make a difference in the world, by guiding others to their fulfillment, healing, and freedom. 

When I slowed down, tuned back into my soul’s calling, I was at peace – and know that I am home and deeply fulfilled on every level of my being. 

Throughout my journey, I’ve learned this: our life purpose changes during our lifetime, but we all have a life-long Soul mission. 

When you’re not fulfilling it, you can feel like you’re drifting aimlessly in the middle of the ocean without a compass. No matter how busy or distracted you keep yourself if you don’t tune into your Soul’s wisdom and live from it, you’re not living your greatest potential and can experience a lackluster life and ill health. 

My mission is to liberate and empower YOU to tune into your Soul’s wisdom, to achieve self-reliance, and to bring your best gifts to the world. 

When you do, you’ll feel the beautiful, deep peace and contentment you’ve been missing from your life…and realize that you have within you everything you need to live a radiantly healthy, happy, Soul-Fulfilled life – not just in this moment, but forever. 

Are you ready to learn how?

The Happiness Compass© Workshop

The Happiness Compass© Workshop is an online course that’s made up of 6 “Quests” designed to help you quickly and easily identify what needs to shift or change in your life to bring you greater happiness and fulfillment, as well as how to create an action plan to fulfill your desires. 

As part of the Happiness Compass© Workshop, you'll receive:

Six Quests

That will lead you step-by-step through the process of designing a life of meaning and joy.

9 Tools & Exercises

To help you dig deeper into what you're learning in the course.

Program Breakdown

Here’s what you’ll learn and explore in each Quest of the Happiness Compass© Workshop…

Quest 01

Prepare & Organize

We’ll kick off the workshop by getting organized because it’s from an organized and prepared space that you can have the mental clarity that attracts the greatest insights. Plus, it’s helpful to have everything you need in one place. Throughout the four lessons, you’ll prepare your supplies, collect inspirational music, and create your sacred and creative spaces. With all of this important work done, you’re free to relax and enjoy your journey!

In Quest One, we'll use the following tool:

Quest 02

Tuning In

In Quest Two, you’ll start to tune into the innate wisdom that lives inside you…that still, small voice that knows the path to your more meaningful and joyful life! Through guided meditations, you’ll connect with your mind, body, and Soul in a deep way, creating a window into the inner landscape of your truest desires. You’ll also gather crucial insights from a series of journaling exercises you’ll complete in the sacred space you created in Quest One.

In Quest Two, we'll use the following tools:

Quest 03

The Gateway to Fulfillment

In Quest Three, you’ll begin the journey to knowing what you truly want — the first step to creating a fulfilled life. You’ll take a deep dive into your Soul’s desires when you’re clear on what your Soul longs for, you can act towards fulfilling those desires. Setting the stage to be able to manifest what you desire.

In Quest Three, we'll use the following tools:

Quest 04

Exploring Desires

Quest Four will shed light on the essential areas of life, and which areas are most important to you. In this Quest, you’ll tap into areas of life that bring you joy and fulfillment when they are in balance, as well as which areas are already fulfilled and those where change is needed. You’ll plan out action steps to help you create that change, and choose affirmations to support your desires. 

In Quest Four, we'll use the following tools:

Quest 05

Experiencing Fulfillment

In Quest Five, you’ll take part in a guided visualization to help you experience what it feels like to attain one of your desires. Research tells us that the mind doesn’t know the difference between experiencing something visually or physically doing it…so consistent visualization of that which you desire assures that your mind stays focused on what you want to attain and not on what you don’t! Each visualization is a practice — a run-through of what you desire the outcome to be — and each practice is an action towards the goal you desire.

In Quest Five, we'll use the following tool:

Quest 06

Creating Your Vision

In our final Quest, you’ll create a critical and powerfully important tool to anchor your desires, your Vision Board. A Vision Board allows you to take your thoughts, desires, and dreams and give them a stage to express themselves. Appreciating and connecting with your board daily keeps you on the path of taking action towards accomplishing these goals. It’s also a way of staying focused and in alignment with your desires.

In Quest Six, we'll use the following tool:

The Happiness Compass© is already PACKED with value that will help you design a life you love, but when you join now you’ll also receive the following BONUS…

Bonus 01

Harmonizing Your Chakras - Extended Version

This deeply relaxing recording, which is 70 minutes in length, provides focused time on each of the seven main chakras so you can identify and release blocks and create clarity, alignment, and balance.

Bonus 02

Harmonizing Your Chakras — Extended Version with Mantras

This deeply relaxing recording with mantras, which is 70 minutes in length, provides focused time on each of the seven main chakras so you can identify and release blocks and create clarity, alignment, and balance.

Whew - that's a lot of value!

Are you ready to identify what’s missing in your life and design a life you love?

Your experience starts immediately once you click the “Join Now” button below you’ll be taken to our secure checkout. When you register, you’ll receive an email confirming your registration, as well as instructions on how to access your learning portal. If you have questions along the way, our team is here to help you get access to the content and ensure you get the most out of the program!

The Happiness Compass© Workshop COURSE + COMMUNITY
You’ll receive:

The Happiness Compass© Workshop



The Happiness Compass© Workshop PLUS Coaching




What a lovely gift of clarity and inspiration to give to yourself. The Happiness Compass© is a reflection of compassion, designed with thoughtfulness and joy. It is clear what commitment and dedication went into the creation of this program. The material is presented within a clear, organization framework. Each lesson and module scaffolds to another. Because of the easy, self pace, you can spend as much time as you need to explore and absorb the lessons.

There are clever tools to help you identify the areas of your life that need some extra TLC. I was surprised and delighted to see what showed up. One area was my home, I needed that clarity to start taking action in creating my dream rooms. It feels so good to push through resistance of change and work towards designing an environment that reflects who I am today.

The meditations and recordings sound like echos of divine guidance. Karen’s voice elevates your heart and awakens your soul. I found that portals of creativity opened up around me. My vision board was all about love ❤️. It surprised me to see the story of what is yet to come unfold in images and blessings. The Happiness Compass© was a sweet treat to my intuitive self.

Veronica L Schauder, LCSW Artist, SoulCollage® Facilitator

I completed the Happiness Compass© Workshop in October 2020 and I absolutely loved going through the program. Each time I sat down to work on it, I felt so excited because I usually never give myself the permission to take care of and work on myself. It felt like dessert after a day out in nature. Not only did I enjoy setting up my sacred space, which is now my favorite room, meditating and finding images for my vision board, I'm actually seeing results, not that I was doubtful, but I wasn't 100% sure I would either. So, this is what's going on with me:

1. I was already super clear about my life's purpose, but visualizing it in meditation and on the board now gives me more confidence that I'm on the right path.

2. I'm more forgiving, understanding, relaxed and patient, which is HUGE and can feel it's improving my relationships.

3. Because of #2, I have been communicating more clearly about my wishes and am getting better at solving conflicts.

4. I don't feel the dire need to control things anymore. Still working on this, but I can already feel the pressure being lifted.

5. My rosacea is responding positively. When I'm stressed, my face flares up but in times of calmness and awareness, it starts to heal. I was stressed right after this course and you could see it in my face, but then I adapted what I learned in the workshop by Karen's guided meditation, yoga, visualizing and manifesting and I now feel comfortable not wearing makeup again!

6. I'm becoming more aware about listening to my intuition. Either that, or I can make quicker decisions which, for a Libra, this is a big deal! There were a few times that I didn't go with my intuition in the past few weeks and before this workshop, I would have chalked it up to 'being an idiot' but now I know that it's my soul trying to talk with me. Sounds woo-woo, but it's this awareness that will allow me to make better/quicker decisions later in my private and business life, so who cares, I'm thrilled!

7. For the first time in my life 2 weeks ago, I physically felt the energy of a crystal. I'm new to crystals and have about 10, but this was a milestone for me. I was at a flea market and stopped at a small crystal booth. I picked up a few pretty ones, but ... meh ... I then glanced over at this beautifully raw Amazonite stone and when I picked it up, a rush of energy in the form of chills ran up and down the right side of my body. I now hold it during my manifestation rituals. These are long-term manifestations I'm working on so can't report on the results quite yet.

8. I'm learning what methods of meditation I respond to better. I struggle with calming my brain and am super grateful for the various meditations offered in this workshop.

I believe each person who goes through this workshop will have different results and respond to the exercises in different ways and that's the beauty of it. It's not like I took the course and my whole life changed. It's not sudden, it's these little shifts which are super important for my own personal growth and healing process that make a world of difference. I feel that these shifts will amount to major transformations later and I'm so excited because they really are so long overdue. But that's OK, better now than never. SO grateful.

Jessica Lohmann, Ethical Brand Marketing

The best way I can describe the Happiness Compass© is to say that it's healing and magical! I enjoyed every exercise, process and meditation. The quests are guided by Karen's loving voice, the soothing, etheric musical tones and by the carefully designed questions, prompts and suggestions. Through it, I've been able to connect with my deepest dreams and desires from my soul's perspective. What's changed for me is that my intuition is expanding every day and it is easier now to hear the voice of my soul, my heart compass, and to follow it in my daily life. Amazing shifts and synchronicities have been happening since I began the program. I feel more empowered than ever to create the life that I want with more clarity, hopefulness and peace. I know how to go to the infinite source within me whenever I wish for the guidance I need. I'm thrilled and grateful to have this gift to use daily and will be going through the entire program on a quarterly basis so I can stay aligned with my soul. Thank you, Karen, for this beautiful transformational program!!!

Maria Spears, M.Ed. Love and Life Coach to Accomplished Women and Men Who Want to Find Their Soulmate for An Extraordinary Love

I highly recommend The Happiness Compass© to anyone who desires a happy and fulffillng life experience. This workshop is a is beautiful and transformational. It allows one to sort out their life in a very unique way...and to examine their desires, thoughts and feelings.

Through Karen's expert wisdom and guidance, I was led to deeper visions, important realizations, and new awareness in my life. Her guided visualization meditations are amazing, and the series of exercises and questions she poses are enlightening and powerful.

Rene Cerrito, CPCC, Life Coach

Frequently asked Questions

When will I have access to the material?

You’ll have immediate access to the entire program once you enroll!

How much time should I set aside per week?

 Every individual will go at their own pace. Once Quest I is completed, the rest of the program can be completed in 15-20 hours.

How long is the program?

The program is 6 Quests. The Happiness Compass© Workshop (option 1) is self-paced. Some participants have completed it in a long weekend, most complete it within two weeks. In the Happiness Compass© PLUS coaching workshop (option 2) a new Quest will be released each week over the course of six weeks.  

How do I ask questions or get feedback during the program?

You’ll have access to a private Happiness Compass© support group.

7-Day Money-Back Guarantee

You can dive into the course for 7 days and experience the power of tuning into your inner wisdom to identify how to design a life you love. If you are not satisfied with the results, you can request a refund within 7 days. This entire program is designed to help you put the knowledge that you’re learning into action. You will be asked to share your implementation and results in the program to qualify for a refund.

Questions about Next Steps?

You can reach out to our team directly by clicking the button below.

You DESERVE to be happy.

Happiness isn’t reserved for some…it’s available to us ALL.

That includes YOU!
It doesn’t matter if you already have a lot…
It doesn’t matter if you think you “should” feel happy with what you have…
And it doesn’t matter if you don’t have a clue what would actually make you happy!
Living a life that’s filled with joy, excitement, and fun — one that’s meaningful, fulfilling, and satisfying — isn’t luck or happenstance… 
…it’s your God-given right!
But it’s up to you to claim it.
It’s up to you to identify what that life looks like and feels like…

…and it’s up to you to go within, tune in to your inner wisdom, and follow the path that it’s urging you to take.

When you do, you’ll be led to a life that has more meaning, passion, and fun…
…where you’re no longer wondering what’s missing but are eagerly anticipating what’s next.
A better life is waiting and it’s waiting on YOU.
To decide that you’re worth it, to take that first step, and to trust that there’s a richer, more meaningful life right around the corner.
You ARE worth it, you DO deserve it, and you CAN do it!
The Happiness Compass© will show you how.
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