An EASY way to Stick with Your New Years Resolutions

An EASY way to Stick With Your New Years Resolutions: Begin each week with a mindful pause to reflect on your successes and challenges from last week. Then take a few minutes and
Achieve Your Goals

It’s almost the end of January. How do you feel about the progress you made toward the goals you set for yourself at the start of this year? 

Is this you? 

You set goals for yourself, and somehow the desire to accomplish them fades. The initial excitement has turned to excuses and disappointment. We’ve all been there. Distractions can sabotage our efforts if we allow them to. But staying focused and accomplishing your goals is worth every second of your dedication and hard work. 

As you know, there are numerous benefits to following through with the goals you set for yourself.  


You’re manifesting all of your desires. Your envisioned goals are now your reality. 

You’re happily self-reliant. You make all the decisions for yourself.

You’ve established firm boundaries.  

You’re self-esteem and confidence is soaring. You feel great and grateful! 

You pride yourself on delivering excellence. You are honored and respected.

You have financial freedom. To do, be, and have anything you desire. 

Stay the course, and don’t let anyone or anything distract you from your destination. 

If You Fail to Plan, You Are Planning to Fail” — Benjamin Franklin

Achieving Your Goals is Easier than You Think

Try this tip to Stick with Your New Year’s Resolutions:  Begin each week with a mindful pause to reflect on your successes and challenges from last week. Then take a few minutes and write about them in your journal. Next, take a moment to appreciate your progress and what you learned last week.

Then, for each goal you’re working toward, write down one progress step that you will do this week. Next, enter this step on your electronic calendar with a reminder that pops up each day; once you’ve completed the action, delete the reminder. That’s it! This simple tip will keep you consistently working toward your passionate goals. 

Planning for Success

As for me, on Sunday night, I review my journal post from the prior week and give gratitude for my successes and milestones, no matter how small they might be. When I take a moment to feel gratitude for my progress, I’m intentionally connecting with the feeling of having my goal accomplished also. I’m anchoring myself to the feeling of my goal fulfilled every week; this fuels my passion and keeps it exciting. By doing this weekly, there’s no chance that my flame of desire will fade.

Then I check my goal master list, determine which step is next, and write it down in my journal, planning my week. Sometimes a weekly goal takes more than one step. So I determine the micro-steps, write them down in my journal, decide which days I’ll work on them, and then chart them in my calendar with reminders.

When I initially set a new goal for myself, I first make sure that I select a goal I am passionate about; it makes the journey exciting and easier to become positively obsessed with—(meaning it’s something positive that preoccupies my mind.)

Organizing for Success 

Then, I reverse engineer it. I start my planning with the end goal in mind by envisioning myself having already achieved it; from there, I create a master list of all the steps I believe I will take to achieve the goal. Of course, the steps aren’t set in stone; there’s always a learning curve, so I remain flexible in planning as I work toward my goal. 

My goal-planning process begins with several sticky notes that I move around on a poster board until I decide which steps go in which order. Then I transfer my poster board plan to a word document that looks like an outline with the goal written on top and a list of steps I believe are necessary to achieve it… it’s fun planning, but even more rewarding, checking off my accomplishments each week. 

Enjoy Creating Your Desired 2023! 

About Karen Quiros:

Karen is a lifelong New Yorker living on the beautiful east end of Long Island. For over 21 years, she has been inspiring wellness seekers in her practice Balanced Wellness Consulting. Where she intuitively guides and supports clients desiring to heal themselves naturally. Karen cured herself of endometriosis & systemic lupus, and utilizes her experience and training in nursing, natural health, nutrition, positive psychology, quantum biofeedback, mindfulness, and yoga to guide her clients. 

Karen spends her time between Long Island and Costa Rica, where she facilitates workshops and soul-nourishing retreats using her signature program, the Happiness Compass©. She cured herself of systemic lupus over 25 years ago and is passionate about spreading the message that lasting healing begins with self-reliance. She created the Happiness Compass©, an accessible online self-paced version of her coaching work, to fulfill her desire to reach more seekers to give them hope that they too can heal themselves. Karen knows that illness stems from a disintegration of the mind, body, and Soul. She believes that by going within and trusting the wisdom of the Soul, we awaken to healing and a life of wholeness and deep fulfillment. 

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