Karen Quiros

How I went from overwhelmed and unfulfilled to falling in love with life.

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I Know What It Feels Like When Life Is Sailing Off Course.

That was me 27 years ago, when after an extremely challenging and years-long journey to become a mother, I was finally able to have children.

Motherhood brought much joy, fulfillment, and busyness and on the outside, everything looked great.

I was blessed with two children, a beautiful home, and a loving and supportive husband. I spent my days working from home, homeschooled my boys, and studied my passions – spirituality, nutrition, and natural medicine.

Yet I felt impalpable discontent. I kept it to myself and felt guilt for my feelings since I had everything I ever thought I wanted!

One thing I knew for certain was that I was here to help others heal, so I kept expanding my knowledge.

Over the course of 25 years, I complied an impressive resume:
I became a Licensed Nurse, obtained a BS in Natural Health, and became certified in nutrition and health coaching, herbalism, gemmotherapy, reiki, quantum biofeedback, sound healing, SoulCollage, meditation, yoga, and Chakradance. I started a wellness practice, offered workshops and retreats, and studied shamanism and plant medicine!

Yet despite loving all of it, I STILL felt off course. My knowledge base had grown, but instead of fulfilling my calling, it distanced me from it! I was too busy, tired, irritable and unhappy. The busier I was, the faster I drifted off course distancing myself from fulfilling my life’s purpose.

Then divine guidance said “STOP. Go within, listen, and teach from there.” When I tapped into the wisdom of my soul everything changed.

My soul’s purpose is to make a difference in the world, by guiding others to their fulfillment, healing, and freedom.

When I slowed down, tuned back into my soul’s calling, I was at peace – and know that I am home and deeply fulfilled on every level of my being.

Throughout my journey, I’ve learned this: our life purpose changes during our lifetime, but we all have a life-long Soul mission.

When you’re not fulfilling it, you can feel like you’re drifting aimlessly in the middle of the ocean without a compass. No matter how busy or distracted you keep yourself if you don’t tune into your Soul’s wisdom and live from it, you’re not living your greatest potential and can experience a lackluster life and ill health. 

My mission is to liberate and empower YOU to tune into your Soul’s wisdom, to achieve self-reliance, and to bring your best gifts to the world. 

When you do, you’ll feel the beautiful, deep peace and contentment you’ve been missing from your life…and realize that you have within you everything you need to live a radiantly healthy, happy, Soul-Fulfilled life – not just in this moment, but forever. 

Are you ready to learn how?

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The Happiness Compass© Workshop is an online course that’s made up of 6 “Quests” designed to help you quickly and easily identify what needs to shift or change in your life to bring you greater happiness and fulfillment, as well as how to create an action plan to fulfill your desires.