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You are the CREATOR of your destiny

Chaos theory suggests that a simple action, such as a butterfly flapping its wings, can create significant effects in a later state; that a slight change of current events can have a
considerable impact on future events. 

This same principle applies to life. 

Small shifts today in your beliefs, lifestyle, habits, and actions will create the future you deserve and desire.

Butterfly Effect Workshops are online self-paced programs that guide you in creating your self-actualized life. They incite
deep thought and encourage transformation
in the privacy of your home.



Life Purpose





Karen Quiros

Workshop Instructor

Karen Quiros, B.S. Natural Health, Licensed Nurse, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Positive Psychology Interventions Coach, Reiki Master Teacher, Yoga & Meditation Instructor RYT-500, Chakradance® & SoulCollage® Facilitator

My Vision:

I see a world of self-reliance where everyone nurtures their body and soul with healing food, clean water, pure air, positive thoughts, compassion, simplicity, non-judgment, acceptance, and equality - with kindness towards all sentient beings.

Where the medical paradigm supports and educates instead of placates and medicates.

Where SELF-confidence, love, and reliance are instilled and fear is eliminated.

Where together through our self-reliance, we restore Mother Earth and humanity so that all heal and flourish.

This is what I want for you.

And for the world.

What Past Workshop Participants Have said

What Past Workshop Participants Have said

What Others are saying


Jessica Lohmann, Lüdinghausen, Germany

I completed the Happiness Compass Workshop and I absolutely loved going through the program! Each time I sat down to work on it, I felt so excited because I usually never give myself the permission to take care of and work on myself. It felt like dessert after a day out in nature.

Not only did I enjoy setting up my sacred space, which is now my favorite room, meditating and finding images for my vision board, I'm actually seeing results, not that I was doubtful, but I wasn't 100% sure I would either.

So, this is what's going on with me:

1. I was already super clear about my life's purpose, but visualizing it in meditation and on the board now gives me more confidence that I'm on the right path.

2. I'm more forgiving, understanding, relaxed and patient, which is HUGE and can feel it's improving my relationships.

3. Because of #2, I have been communicating more clearly about my wishes and am getting better at solving conflicts.

4. I don't feel the dire need to control things anymore. Still working on this, but I can already feel the pressure being lifted.

5. My rosacea is responding positively. When I'm stressed, my face flares up but in times of calmness and awareness, it starts to heal. I was stressed right after this course and you could see it in my face, but then I adapted what I learned in the workshop by Karen's guided meditation, yoga, visualizing and manifesting and I now feel comfortable not wearing makeup again.

6. I'm becoming more aware about listening to my intuition. Either that, or I can make quicker decisions which, for a Libra, this is a big deal! There were a few times that I didn't go with my intuition in the past few weeks and before this workshop, I would have chalked it up to 'being an idiot' but now I know that it's my soul trying to talk with me. Sounds woo-woo, but it's this awareness that will allow me to make better/quicker decisions later in my private and business life, so who cares, I'm thrilled!

I believe each person who goes through this workshop will have different results and respond to the exercises in different ways and that's the beauty of it. It's not like I took the course and my whole life changed. It's not sudden, it's these little shifts which are super important for my own personal growth and healing process that make a world of difference.

I feel that these shifts will amount to major transformations later and I'm so excited because they really are so long overdue. But that's OK, better now than never. SO grateful.

Are you ready to start your journey?
The Happiness Compass© workshop fuses self-awareness, self-exploration, guided visualization, and creativity, journeying to the depths of your soul. You can complete it in a weekend. Expect to morph into a passionately joyful woman who loves her life. 
Begin your journey today.
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